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Where we are now?

Consultation events have been held over the last four years, the results of which have fed into the Neighbourhood Plan making process. What you see before you today in the Regulation 15 downloadable documents is the end result of the work that has been undertaken.
We are now at the point in the Plan making process known as the Regulation 15 consultation, any issues identified within the Plan by yourself and the other statutory consultees have been addressed prior to the Plan being formally handed over to Sedgemoor District Council for perusal by an independent inspector.

Presented on the site today, are the full suite of documents that have been developed following extensive public consultation, starting with the registration of the plan in 2012, the first consultation event at Church House, Housing Needs Surveys and Business Surveys. The second stage consultation was held at Hannah More Cottage in November 2014 again turnout was fantastic and it paved the way for the development of the fledgling Neighbourhood Plan Policies, having clarified the wishes and ambitions of the local community.
If you proceed to the Regulation 15 Submission Documents download page, you can download the Neighbourhood Plan submission documents with the first RED Button link, or download the individual evidence base documents through the GREEN button links, either to view and read them singly, or download and print them – its your choice.

Sedgemoor District Council will now start a further consultation period on the submission plan, and an inspector will be appointed. Our thanks to all those who commented on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.