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Welcome to the ‘Downloads’ page, here you can get your hands on the result of Cheddar Neighourhood Plan, we have tried to make this part of the process as ‘painless’ as possible!

You have two options, you can either download ALL of the documentation in one ‘zipped’ package, save it on your device (PC, Tablet, I-Pad, etc), then open the documents which are in pdf format at your leisure.

(This is a LARGE file around 50Mb so could take a couple of minutes depending on your connection speed!)

You can download or view each document in turn by pressing the buttons below. The Documents are arranged as follows, Documents 1 to 8 contain the evidence base to support Document 9 which is the Neighbourhood Plan.

1. Consultation February & March 2013

2. About Cheddar

3. Housing Needs and Preferred Sites

4. 2nd Consultation November 2014

5. Call for Sites Database

6. Employment & Economy

7. Consultation Statement

8. SDC 2nd consultation Exit Poll

9. Vision & Policies