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Welcome to the ‘Regulation 15 Downloads’ page, here you download the Regulation 15 Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, and the other submission documents.

Simply press the RED button and download the zipped file to your device, opening the file will reveal the submission documents. This file may take a while to download as it is a LARGE file!

Each of the Evidence Base documents can be found at each of the GREEN Buttons, these will download individually.

You can download or view each document in turn by pressing the buttons below. The Documents are arranged as follows, Documents 1 to 11 contain the evidence base to support the Neighbourhood Plan, which can be found within the Submission Documents (RED Button above).

1. Consultation February & March 2013

2. About Cheddar

3. Housing Needs and Preferred Sites

4. 2nd Consultation November 2014

5. Call for Sites Database

6. Employment & Economy

7. Habitat Regulations Assessment October 2016

8. SDC 2nd consultation Exit Poll

9. SEA Screening Report

10. Regulation 14 Report

11. Equality Impact Statement