After 5 years hard work, we are finally here!

Cheddar Neighbourhood Plan Referendum will take place on
30th August 2018.

After five years of hard work, surveys, open days and consultations,  we have finally arrived at the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum. In January we had the formal inspection of Cheddars Neighbourhood Plan. Mr. Timothy Jones of “No5 Chambers” had been appointed as our Inspector – Mr Jones is a Barrister.

Mr. Jones ordered a public hearing, which was held in the function room of Cheddar Caves on the 12th January 2018. It was very well attended with Barristers representing major developers facing two members of the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan steering committee.

In June – after due consideration, Mr Jones found the Neighbourhood Plan to be well written and found its Policies to be sound. His findings are set out in the Report linked below.

The next stage of the process was for Sedgemoor District Council to consider the Inspectors Report and his recommended modifications. This they have now done and their Decision Notice is also linked below.

The final stage in the process is the Referendum. This will be held on Thursday 30th August 2018 at:-

The Methodist Church Hall, Cliff Street, Cheddar.

We urge all Cheddar residents to take time out of their busy lives on the 30th August to vote. A ‘YES’ vote in the Referendum will allow the Plan to be formally ‘Made’ and its policies will become guidance in the decision making process for the local planning authorities. It will also allow CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) contributions from developers to the Parish to be increased from the current 15% to a higher rate of 25% – which will allow the Parish Council to tackle significant improvement projects around your village.

Below, you will find links to the Inspectors Report, the SDC Decision Notice, plus a copy of the revised Neighbourhood Plan with the amendments incorporated in line with Mr Timothy Jones recommendations report.


  • Inspectors Report
  • Decision Notice
  • Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version)
  • Information Statement