Cheddar Neighbourhood Plan

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It’s Referendum Time!!

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document which forms a supplement to the section of the Local Authority’s ‘Core Strategy’ relating to planning policy within your local area.

The area defined for the plan was set out in the application submitted to Sedgemoor District Council on the 22nd June 2012, and was defined as the Cheddar Parish boundary.

After being registered for the requisite 6 week period, and having had no objections raised by members of the public, it was deemed to be formally registered. The registration date was the 31st August 2012.

Since the registration date, the Parish Neighbourhood Planning Group have conducted a ‘Housing Needs Assessment’, a ‘Call for Sites’ exercise, a ‘Business Survey’, and several public consultation events with the local community. Information gathered from these events has been used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group of the wishes and needs of local residents and businesses. Such feedback including from statutory consultees has shaped the Neighbourhood Plan, which was inspected by Barrister Mr. Timothy Jones of No5 Chambers in January of this year. His report has now been published and can be found here and the final stage of this whole process, is now the Public Referendum.

The District Council have arranged for the referendum to be conducted on the 30th August 2018 and you will be able to attend Church House to vote. Provided over 50% of respondents support the final plan, it will be adopted, and will become part of the Local Authority’s primary planning guidance documentation. This will be used to help determine future planning decisions relating to the Cheddar area.